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We know what it takes to produce in this market and we give our agents the best opportunity to do that.

  • No franchise fees
  • No desk fees
  • No interferences

Each of our agents receives training to keep them up to date with all the latest real estate laws, trends, and developments. To further aid our agents, each agent has access to a wide variety of leads such as the Internet and access to a large inventory of homes, including any potential buyers. Our agents also receive access and membership to many foreclosure sites BPOs to increase the amount of properties available for sale and purchase.

Reasons to Join BMR

In addition to the extensive training, all Belle Maison Realty Agents have FREE access to all of the following products and services, and the confidence that their deal is the best deal offered by any other broker.

Support– Our agents – both new and experienced – are provided with a level of support that cannot be rivaled. That includes marketing materials, phone patching-in, direct deposit, advice & assistance, office space, E&O insurance, listing rights, and so much more. Learn more about our level of support here.

Experience– During our 13 years of working in the real estate industry, we have garnered the skills, experience, and resources that have allowed us to become successful. We utilize this experience to assist our agents in developing their skills. If you’re looking for experienced professionals that are all about growth and success then trust in BMR. Learn more about our experience here.

Resources– Since the founding of BMR, we have acquired a vast amount of resources to benefit agents. That includes multiple listings, research reports, and client information, just to name a few. By providing our agents with these valuable resources, we are increasing their chances for success in the real estate industry. Learn more about the resources we provide here.

Industry Alliances– BMR builds relationships that benefit both parties. We offer industry alliances that will assist you in the real estate market. Some of our industry alliances include lenders, lawyers, cleaning services, insurance companies, travel services, contractors, and more. Learn more about BMR’s Industry alliances here.

Leads – Our agents have access to a wide variety of leads (i.e. internet, for sale by owner and etc.). With such a wide array of leads, our agents have access to a larger inventory of homes and potential buyers, thereby enabling to close faster on their transactions.

Foreclosure Listings – Our agents receive access and membership to foreclosure sites to increase the pool of properties available for sale and purchase.

Internet Advertising – Our agents receive Internet advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major and well-known search engines.

Belle Maison Realty’s Website– Our agents receive access to the Belle Maison Realty website. We also have an “agents only” links that give our agents access to legal forms and documents, marketing and promotional materials, and other documents that are necessary to help them close their deals faster and more efficiently. These documents are also free.

For Sale By Owner Lists for the Atlanta Metro area, the NYC Metropolitan area Nassau and Suffolk County – Our agents receive access to these lists, which include all relevant contact information.

Professional Offices – Our agents receive access to our offices and use of our conference rooms to conduct client meetings.

If you want the best deal possible and the above services and products appeal to you, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about them and Belle Maison Realty.


If you’re interested in learning more about why you should join the BMR staff then visit us at JoinBMR.com. This website is specifically targeted at agents interested in joining the team. It includes additional information on our various MLS, commission structures, benefits, support, and how to become an agent. Discover why Belle Maison Realty is the real estate company for you!