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Top 7 Tips to Survive Living with a Roommate

Top 7 Tips to Survive Living with a Roommate

Living alone is expensive. Because of this, many people decide to find a roommate to help split the cost of renting a house or apartment. Despite having a bad reputation, renting with a roommate can be a fun and cost-effective experience. Learning how to live with others is an important part of life, and having a roommate can serve as a precursor to living with a spouse or with children. In order to make sure you and your future roommate don’t drive each other crazy, we’ve prepare some tips that might make living together a much simpler.

Number 1: Establish Rules 

The first step in establishing a healthy relationship with your roommate is to set boundaries. This is when you and your roommate politely discuss what things you can and can’t tolerate. Whether it’s eating each other’s food or common space cleanliness, this is an opportunity to clear the air about anything you may be concerned about. Creating house rules is a great way to avoid any future conflicts down the line.

Number 2: Respect His / Her Privacy  

This falls under the establishing boundaries category. This might sound simple enough but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to forget that you’re living with someone else. Avoid going through their mail and remember to always knock before entering their room. Keep the golden rule in mind when it comes to privacy and to give your roommate the space you’d like to receive in return.

Number 3: Work Out a Payment Plan

One of the biggest disputes among roommates is money. Outside of just splitting the rent, there may also be utilities, cable, and Wi-Fi that the two of you will have to pay. Establish a payment plan of who has to pay for what, and stick to it. If you believe your roommate is consuming more of a utility than it may be time for a polite conversation. Nothing breaks up roommates more than money. Just something to keep in mind.

Number 4: Interact With Each Other 

A roommate shouldn’t just be someone you live with but a friend as well. Every you see each other shouldn’t be an awkward encounter but an endearing one. Spend time with each other and talk about something else other than being out of orange juice. You never know what you may have in common with each other, which will make your living experience ever sweeter.

Number 5: Respect Each Other’s Sleep

Despite having different sleep schedule, it’s important to always be respectful. If you’re roommate is an early sleeper then try to keep it down whenever you have company over, or take the party elsewhere. Some individuals work nights, meaning that you have to keep the sound level to minimum. Leaning each other’s sleeping schedule in addition to how much noise you can tolerate is a safe way to avoid getting off on the wrong foot.

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