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Your Neighbor Is Moving. Now What?

Your Neighbor Is Moving. Now What?

Imagine this scenario: You’re walking outside to take a breath of fresh air, when you turn your head and notice something. Your favorite neighbor has a “for sale” picketed on their front yard. What do you do now? For years, you’ve been used to walking outside and saying hello to them before going about your day, and now it’s coming to an end. Making matters worse, now there’s going to be a complete stranger living next to you; someone you know nothing about. What’s your next move? Do you go over there and beg them to stay? Do you move too? Check out some of our tips in regards to preparing for a new neighbor.

Draw a Line in the Sand

Just because things with your previous neighbor worked out well, doesn’t mean you’ll get lucky twice. Be sure to document exactly where your property ends and begins in the event of future conflicts. Property disputes are among the most the common forms of disagreements between neighbors, and providing documentation can help prevent many issues before they begin. Also, don’t forget to politely ask your current neighbor to provide their property documentation to anyone interested in purchasing their home as well.

Use Their Open House as an Opportunity

Open houses aren’t just an opportunity to look at a specific property but also the homes that surround it. By exploring your neighbor’s home, you can actually get a feel for how your house looks from another perspective. Also, use this as a chance see where fencing might look best from both your and their sides of the property line. This may sound strange but your home’s aesthetic isn’t just about your personal preference but also how it makes your neighboring houses look as well. If you are planning to make additions to your home’s elegance, make sure it brings value and is increasing your home appeal.

Analyze the Market Based on Their Home

The real estate market is constantly fluctuating, making it difficult to track. Use your neighbor’s home selling experience as an opportunity to analyze the current market for your neighborhood. Learn how much their home is being sold for to help determine the value of your own house, in addition to any market trends that may be starting to affect your neighborhood. Using this opportunity to analyze the current real estate may make things much simpler down the line, if you ever decide to sell your home.


A neighbor selling their home can be a great learning experience. It provides you with the insight to avoid future conflicts, as well as get a feel for what may be coming down the line. Take advantage of this time and speak with a real estate agent about the home selling process. They can provide you with even more information about what a neighboring home acquisition will mean for you personally. For additional information on the home selling experience, visit us at Bellemaisonrealty.com.

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